Digital Alert

Digital Alert: How To Keep Your 3 Year Old Safe

While experts recommend that children aged 2 and under avoid technological devices, this recommendation changes at age 3: As Dr. Carolyn James, a learning designer for Leapfrog enterprises suggests, “…by age three, many children can benefit from electronic media with educational content.” As we’ll see next, the developmental characteristics that take place in a child’s […]

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Teen Sexting

Teen Sexting on the Rise: What This Could Mean For Your Child

Your teen or tween could be facing child pornography charges or forced to register as a sex offender.  Why? For participating in a 21st century version of I’ll-show-you-mine if you-show-me-yours. Two 16 year-old teens in North Carolina were charged with various counts of child pornography after sending one another nude selfies. Middle school students in […]

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