Digital Safety for Teens: 20 Tips in 20 Days – #2 Keep Phones Out of the Bedroom


#2 Keep Phones Out of the Bedroom Sleep is important for teens - and studies have demonstrated that for all of the wonders of technology, smartphones and computers aren’t very helpful for helping teens get to sleep. In fact, sending just one email or text per-week could significantly increase the rate of daytime drowsiness that teens experience. The simplest solution to this is to keep smartphones (and, ideally, all other screens) outside of the teen’s bedroom. If the phone is never in their … [Read more...]

Digital Safety for Teens: 20 Tips in 20 Days – #1 Create A Smartphone Contract Together


#1 Create A Smartphone Contract Together When you give your child their first smartphone, it’s important that you make clear your expectations about how and when that smartphone should be used. Without it, your teens are entering into the digital world—and facing all it’s dangers—without your guidance. Having a written contract lets your child know your expectations, and what are the consequences if they break those rules. By writing it out, your child has no excuse for behaving … [Read more...]

Honesty as Your Weapon: Jason Brick’s Best Tips for Parents

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What kind of person really knows about protecting teens? We thought about that for a little while, and when we were done, we contacted Jason Brick, a published author and public speaker who spent fifteen years in martial arts and security before having his kids. It was an outstanding talk, and today we’d like to share with you what he shares with us. Weaponized Honesty Those two words aren’t normally used together - but after giving us a little bit of background information on himself, this … [Read more...]

Online Predators Part IV: Keeping Your Teen Safe From Predators


Over the last few weeks, we’ve talked about how online predators really behave, what tools they’re using to contact your children, and how you can tell if contact has been made. Today is a subject that’s even more important—what you can do to protect your teen from predators. At its core, this is a simple, four-step process. Step 1: Educate Your Child Nothing is going to work unless your child understands what’s going on and supports your efforts to stop predators. This is the most … [Read more...]

Spotlight on Popular Teen Apps: KiK Messenger


Experts and educators are always wagging their fingers warning us to be aware of our sons’ and daughters’ digital habits. Unfortunately, they often fail to tell us how specific apps and sites actually work. Today, we are going to delve into the inner workings of Kik, a popular app that many of our teens use or have downloaded. By putting the spotlight on Kik, we can examine what our children are really doing with this app and allow us to identify potential problem areas. What Is Kik And How … [Read more...]