Monitoring vs. Spying: The Guide to Healthy Smartphone Monitoring [Infographic]


This month, we've focused on the issue of teen privacy, and how to find an appropriate balance of respecting a teen's need (justifiable) for privacy, with a parent's (even more justifiable) responsibility to keep their child safe. The solution? Healthy smartphone monitoring. Smartphone monitoring isn't about spying or "snooping" on your teen's every moment without their permission. In fact, a major component of healthy monitoring is letting your teen know that they are being monitored. When … [Read more...]

10 Things To Do When Talking To Your Teen About Smartphone Monitoring


TeenSafe has always recommended being upfront and honest with your teen about the fact that you are monitoring their smartphone. But it’s important to navigate the conversation in a way that will make your teen understand WHY you are doing it, and why it’s not “the end of the world” or even a breach of trust. Here are 10 things to remember when having the smartphone talk with your teen. 1. Start by Establishing Your Trust In Them Explain right away that you are taking the major step of … [Read more...]

Smart Cell Phone Monitoring: Sifting through the Mountains of Data


When a parent gives a smartphone to a teenger, that parent is trusting them with a lot more responsibility than just the cost of an expensive piece of electronics. Mobile Internet, social media and messaging apps give teenagers a level of reach and independence that is equal to being a full-fledged adult — and as with adult responsibilities come adult consequences, and one single mistake with a smartphone can be very dangerous and have lasting consequences. Until they are on their own, it is … [Read more...]

Privacy, Part III: Should You Tell Your Child They Are Being Monitored?


Simply put: yes. Telling your child they are being monitored is one of the easiest ways to ensure you don’t alienate your child if they find out, and to keep an open and honest dialogue between you and your child. It also makes it easier to use the information you gain from monitoring. You can check out some of our other articles on how to tell your kids that you are monitoring their phones, how to create a smartphone contract, and build trust with your teen. We’ve even talked about … [Read more...]

Can A Child Trust a Parent That is Monitoring Them?


  Keeping a teen’s trust is a lot like playing Jenga—one wrong move and the whole tower comes crashing down. When it comes to monitoring, many are concerned that checking your teen’s smartphone is one sure-fire way to topple your relationship. You can easily imagine what a teen might say: Why are you doing this? I haven’t done anything wrong. Why don’t you trust me? When your teen feels you don’t trust them, they’ll treat you in kind: they won’t trust you, and when teens don’t … [Read more...]