How To Read Text Messages Online To Know If Your Teen is Sexting


If you suspect that your teen may be sexting — exchanging sexually charged messages that may or may not include images or videos — don't worry, you are far from alone. According to Time magazine, most teens will engage in the practice before they turn 18. Yes, Your Kid, Too — Parental Denial and the Proliferation of Sexting Parents might blame sexting on peer pressure, the natural tendency for teenagers to be promiscuous or the fact that teens don't have a sufficient appreciation for … [Read more...]

Dr. Darcia Narvaez: Technology, Filling the Void of Pleasure


Dr. Darcia Narvaez is a Professor of Psychology at Notre Dame and an author of many acclaimed books, most recently Evolution, Early Experience and Human Development.  As an expert on human development, we thought it appropriate to discuss with her the implications of digital media specifically with regards to how it affects children and parenting. She explained that, for all the good modern technology offers, we must consider the potential consequences, even on an evolutionary … [Read more...]

Teen Sexting, Part III: Sexting on Social Media


Over the last few weeks we have been delving into the topic of sexting teens. So far we have explored the ins and outs of sexting in regards to normal sexual development and how gender can affect sexting behaviors. We have established a good understanding of the desires that may drive teens to sext, but we need to realize how social media encourages the sharing of these risque selfies. Today teens find themselves in a unique position: they look and talk like adults, but they are far from … [Read more...]

#DYK: Do you know if your teen is using these hashtags to #sext?


In 2013, a widely read publication reported on a confusing, shortsighted and ultimately failed attempt by social-imaging site Instagram to block hashtags that it perceived as being associated with sexting. The result was an inconsistent hodgepodge of rules that forbade users from searching harmless terms such as #SexPistols (a famous punk rock band) and #Lingerie without doing anything substantial to stop the flood of sexting on Instagram. In the end, content managers at Instagram … [Read more...]

TeenSafe in the News: TeenSafe in Australia!


TeenSafe has been featured in the news once again, this time in the ABC, one of Australia’s leading news outlets! With the upcoming launch of TeenSafe in Australia, the conversation about teen smartphone monitoring is heating up, with parents, media, and local law enforcement chiming in. In this ABC article, one member of the Australian police cautions parents against spying on their children’s smartphone activity. But as regular readers of Teenology know, there is a difference between … [Read more...]