TeenSafe in the News: Keeping Tabs on Your Teen


This weekend, TeenSafe’s CEO Rawdon Messenger got the chance to speak one-on-one with Lynn Smith of HLN CNN Atlanta’s “Weekend Express.” From talking about the privacy of children’s data to the importance of protecting teens of all ages, Smith and Messenger have a great discussion how to balance what it means to monitor your teen online. "This is a great concern for parents,” Smith starts out, “they worry tremendously about what their kids are doing online, especially who they’re … [Read more...]

Why Do Parents Need to Track iPhone Activity for Preteens?


At Teenology we talk at length about the importance of monitoring teens, but there’s a big difference between talking with a 16-year old about sexting, and introducing a 10-year old to social media. Many parents turn to monitoring only when their child is older or in trouble, but by beginning to monitor at an early age, you are doing to more to prevent troubles from happening down the road. Preteens face a completely different set of challenges and issues, and you still need to track iPhone … [Read more...]

Susan Wind from Parents Know More: Today’s Children Need Boundaries


Regular readers of Teenology know that we take cyberbullying seriously—in fact, helping to prevent the consequences of cyberbullying is one of the main reasons we founded TeenSafe in the first place! When we heard that Susan Wind, founder of Parents Know More, was creating classes and researching this very issue, we had to know more—so we sat down to pick her brain about teens, technology, and the best ways of monitoring what our children are doing. Parents Weren’t Prepared For Technology The … [Read more...]

Teen Health, Part IV: Using the Web to Promote Teen Health


Welcome back to Teenology! In the previous part of our series on teen health, we talked about how to detect whether or not your teen has issues with their body image. Today is all about what you can do to help if the answer to that was ‘yes’. Support Groups If there’s one thing you can count on the internet for, it’s drawing people together and helping like-minded people communicate with each other. This is ideal for our purposes, because teens should get involved with groups that help support … [Read more...]

The Long Term Consequences of Teen Health Issues


During their teen years, our children are growing in so many ways—physically, mentally, emotionally—that when you consider the additional stress of throwing a health issue into the mix, the results can be devastating. Teens with body image issues turn to self-harm, while physiological and mental conditions can lead to depression or even suicide. With the advent of the internet, it can be even easier for teens to be exposed to or hurt by these issues. That’s why today’s parents need to … [Read more...]