Monitor iPhone Text Messages with New TeenSafe for iPhone


The biggest news to hit the Smartphone industry this past weekend was the launch of TeenSafe for iPhone. This is the only monitoring software on the market that works on an iPhone.

  • You do NOT need your child’s phone in order to install TeenSafe or access their information!
  • You do NOT need to “jailbreak” the iPhone, which goes against Apple’s Terms & Conditions and invalidates the iPhone warranty!

TeenSafe has long been a premiere method for adults looking to protect their children. It allows parents to access their child’s smartphone via a private desktop login, so that they can monitor all of their child’s text messages, phone call logs, and phone contacts. It also gives parents access to their child’s Facebook activity.

With TeenSafe, parents can give their kids the freedom they want. At the same time, it offers parents an unprecedented level of transparency into their child’s life. TeenSafe lets parents know that their children are safe from making foolish mistakes like sexting, sending provocative or inappropriate photos to others, getting involved with questionable “friends,” or accidentally communicating with online predators.

In the past, TeenSafe was only available for Android phones. Indeed, no company has ever offered this kind of technology for the iPhone — until now.

TeenSafe for iPhone is simple to initiate — and you don’t even need your teen’s phone to make it happen. Just sign up for TeenSafe’s FREE 6-day trial. After you register, enter your child’s Apple ID and password. TeenSafe will begin downloading the information to your private login page where you can access the information. No one can view this page except for you.

Other great benefits to TeenSafe’s iPhone monitoring:

  • Read all text messages your teen sends and receives
  • Access old, undeleted texts dating back to when they got the phone
  • No program is downloaded onto the iPhone
  • Your child won’t know you’re accessing the information unless you tell them

Have more than one child? TeenSafe lets you monitor all your children at no extra cost.

Don’t know your child’s Apple ID? TeenSafe offers tips to get you going.

Worried about your iPhone? Don’t be. TeenSafe is the only monitoring device that doesn’t require you to jailbreak or damage the iPhone.

Whether your child has made some bad decisions in the past, or you simply want to watch out for them as they grow older, TeenSafe lets you do it
– for both iPhone and Android smartphones.

Click here to learn more about text monitoring for iPhone using TeenSafe, or to start your FREE 6-day trial.