TeenSafe Allows Parents to:

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View Texts

View sent, received and deleted* SMS and iMessages*.

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See Phone Location

See your teen's current smartphone location on a map as well a history of the phone's location.

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View Calls

View call logs of incoming and outgoing calls including contact name, number, date and duration.

Monitor Social Activity

Monitor your teen's facebook activity. See messages, posts and friends. View instagram posts and followers.

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More Features

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    View Sent and Received

    Whatsapp messages*
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    View Sent and Received

    Kik Messenger texts*
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    See web

    search history
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    See web

    browsing history
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    View contacts

*iphone only.

TeenSafe in the News

"TeenSafe is the ultimate app for preventing cyberbullying."
- NBC Memphis
"TeenSafe has kept teens out of dangerous situations."
- USA Today
"An innovative way for parents to monitor their teen's"

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is TeenSafe?
    TeenSafe is a monitoring service that allows parents to monitor their child’s iPhone or Android smartphone as well as view social media activity on facebook and Instagram. When you sign into TeenSafe, your teen’s smartphone and social media data will be available for you to view. TeenSafe offers complete security. Only you can access your child’s data.
  • Does my teen need to know that I’m using TeenSafe?
    Parents and Guardians have a legal right to monitor their children under the age of 18 if they pay the phone bill. Every parent’s situation is unique and only a parent can decide whether to inform their teen of their intent to use TeenSafe. Many parents choose to tell their teen that they’re using TeenSafe. This choice is, however, entirely up to the discretion of the parent.
  • Does TeenSafe work with all mobile phones?
    TeenSafe works with iPhone and Android phones. It also works with iPads and the iPod touch. TeenSafe does not currently work with Blackberries or Windows phones.
  • Will TeenSafe be visible on my child’s phone?
    On an iPhone, TeenSafe is not detectable in any way. On an Android device, an app is installed in the background. This App does not appear on the Android phone’s
home screen or app dashboard. It does not contain the TeenSafe name or logo.
  • What does TeenSafe enable me to see?
    Using TeenSafe, parents can see:
    • Sent, received and deleted SMS and iMessages.
    • Call logs of sent and received phone calls.
    • Device location and location history.
    • Web browsing history, bookmarks and contacts.
    • Messages sent via Whatsapp and Kik Messenger.
    • Instagram images, posts, comments and followers.
    • Facebook messages, friends, posts and more
  • What facebook activity does TeenSafe allow me to see?

    You can see your child’s facebook:
    • News feed
    • facebook messages
    • Tagged Photos
    • Photo albums
    • Friend list
  • Will I be able to see images or video sent via text?
    No. It is TeenSafe’s policy to not display images nor videos send via text from their phone. You can see that an image or video was sent (when and to whom) but you will not be able to view the image or video itself.
  • How is TeenSafe different?
    TeenSafe works without requiring an iPhone to be “jailbroken” nor Android phones to be “Rooted”. TeenSafe does not alter an iPhone in anyway and does not violate the phone’s warranty. TeenSafe offers parents a single and secure method by which they can access and monitor their teen’s digital lives.
  • Can I add more than one teen?
    Yes. You can add an unlimited number of teens for no additional cost.
  • What does TeenSafe cost?
    After a 7 day free trial, TeenSafe costs $14.95/month. Cancel anytime.
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