16 Smartphone Rules for Teens


As parents, it’s our job to set the boundaries for our own children, but here are some helpful suggestions for your teen:

1. No phones during family meals.
2. No phones in the bedroom.
3. No downloading apps that we aren’t aware of.
4. Any apps you want on your phone must be approved by mom or dad first.
5. No one-on-one communication with someone you’ve never met in real life.
6. Parents must know everyone in your contact list.
7. No aggressive or threatening messages should be sent via text or social media.
8. No sending pictures that you wouldn’t want grandma to see.
9. No sending texts with sexual or provocative language
10. If you are being bullied, show the message to use right away.
11. No using apps with disappearing messages (like Snapchat)
12. Smartphones can only be used during designated hours (for example: 8 AM – 8 PM)
13. No Smartphone use during school unless given special permission by a teacher or parent.
14. Understand that your smartphone is a privilege, not a right
15. Understand that we reserve the right to take your phone away if we suspect it is being mis-used
16. Understand that we, as parents, have the obligation to monitor your phone activity to keep you safe.

That last point is an especially important one if you intend to hold your kids to task. Start your free trial with TeenSafe today, by completing the form to the right!

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