The Social Media Teen Résumé

How to Expertly Stylize Your Cyber Footprint to Attract College and Employment Opportunities Do you worry that your teen doesn’t really understand how important it is to safeguard their future by cleaning up their act on social media? I was recently invited to present at a local National Charity League meeting with high school seniors […]

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Kids Given Too Much Freedom Online Leads to Sexting

Teenagers and pre-teens today are walking around carrying smartphones that are thousands of times more powerful than what their parents every had access to at the same age. With social media, a nearly unlimited app library, and constant messaging–kids are exposed to more of the world than in any other generation. You would never let […]

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5 Ways Technology Has Failed Our Children

Kids can stay in touch with friends and family members no matter where they may be, quickly access information they need to complete homework, and entertain themselves by streaming movies, music videos, and TV shows. There’s no denying the benefits of technology—but there’s also no getting around the fact that technology has failed children in […]

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