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Everything a Parent Needs to Know About DUBSMASH


Our children are increasingly turning to social media for entertainment and communication. The media rich content of popular apps and sites like YouTube and Vine are able to mesmerize all users for hours and hours on end. This consuming drive from the public has led to many new and engaging apps hitting the market. Dubsmash, an app that many of us parents have not heard of, is just one in a string of new apps gaining popularity with kids and teens.

What Exactly Is Dubsmash?

Dubsmash is an app available for Android and Apple devices that combines the best features of popular apps like Snapchat, Vine, Instagram and more. It was developed by a young, small group of German developers, Jonas Druppel, Roland Grenke, and Daniel Tachik, to combine lip synching and disappearing apps with short videos to promote lighthearted and fun communication.


Launched in November of 2014, this app allows users to create and send silly dubbed videos of users lip-synching original audio soundtracks or songs from movies, albums, TV shows, operas, and more. These wacky sounds are synced to a short ten second video that is shared with friends. While the sound files are public, the videos referred to as “my dubs” are only seen by friends. However, users can posts dubs on public forums outside the app.

This app was never intended for serious communication. Perhaps that is why Dubsmash is very popular among kids and celebrities like Hugh Jackman, Jimmy Fallon, Penelope Cruz, Garry Shandling, Kevin Hart, Cara Delevingne, and Rihanna. Fallon and Cruz even created a Dubsmash recently on the Tonight Show wearing wigs and a plumed hat. Jackman dubbed the popular cartoon Adventure Time and Shandling whispered a scene from Captain America: The Winter Soldier. The possibilities are endless and entertaining.

That’s the beauty of this app; it has a large selection of ten second sound bytes and is continuously growing larger due to user-generated content. Any user can upload edited files of audio or video that are perfect for dubbing. You can use the app or Dubsmash’s website to edit the clips to keep down file sizes and make them easier to share. Many people then post these small files for public use. Users can search for sounds on theme boards and star quality sound clips to make it easier to sort through the massive compilation of materials.

The Numbers Behind Dubsmash

Dubsmash is quickly becoming a major app, trending among children all over the world. To understand the prevalence of this app, consider the following statistics:

  • Dubsmash has been downloaded over 75 million times!
  • In 78 countries, the Dubsmash app has hit the number one spot in Apple’s App Store.
  • The app has also cleared the top 10 on Apple’s App Store in 118 countries.
  • Dubmash ranked number one in the Play Store in more than 70 countries.

  • According to a BBC report, Dubsmash has “hundreds of thousands of videos on Instagram” posted by children.

  • The terms of service for Dubsmash specifically recommend that this app is not geared for users under the age of 18. Users need to be at least 14 to register with a valid email address and date of birth at sign up.


The Dangers Behind Dubsmash

You might be asking yourself what could be the big deal behind this silly app? It’s lighthearted and generally used for fun. However, this captivating app does have a few areas of concerns parents need to consider before allowing a child to jump on the Dubsmash bandwagon.

For one, the fast paced and absorbing nature of this app can cause children to stay up at night when they should be sleeping or it can be distracting them from important school work. Parents need to realize that 90 percent of American teens are considered sleep deprived. Lack of sleep can impact a child’s performance, mental health, and ability to function in their daily environment.

Besides drowsy children, many of the pre-recorded sound clips contain inappropriate topics and language we would not want exposed to our child. Not surprisingly, popular raunchy comedy themed quotes and filthy words are easily located on Dubsmash. Throw in other questionable material that is unregulated and you have a hotbed of sexual innuendos and bad language. The app does allow users to flag inappropriate material, but many duplicates and sounds make it past the watchful eye of dubbers.

Another area of concern has to deal with is copyright laws and the legality surrounding Dubsmash audio clips. This is a tricky issue, because many people consider the sounds to be the intellectual property of movie studios, recording artists, and more. For the most part, if a child only shares Dubsmashes with their friends in a private message they are within the limits of the copyright infringement laws. However,a child publicly sharing his or her videos using Dubsmash may be considered illegal activities.

For the most part, Dubsmash is an app our kids use as an outlet for their creative energies. However, there are a few areas that can cause problems to surface and affect our children. By being informed, understanding why kids use the apps, and the potential effects you can stay in the loop and be on the lookout for potential dangers.

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