the teenage brain

Judgement Call: An Infographic on the Teen Brain

We often see teens act rashly or without thinking, but did you know that teens bad decision-making is biological? During adolescence, the teenage brain is only 80% developed. It isn’t until they are around 25 years old that the brain will be fully developed, and in the meantime, their brain is undergoing major physical changes at the influx of hormones of puberty.

When compared to an adults brain, a teenage brain has an underdeveloped frontal region, as well as an underdeveloped prefrontal cortex. These are the areas that are in control of judgement, rational thinking, and self-control. They also don’t have the ability to recognize and assimilate emotion the way adults do. It’s no wonder that teens are so susceptible to issues like risky and impulsive behavior or peer pressure!

To learn more about the teenage brain, check out our latest infographic “Judgement Call: Maturity, Emotions, and the Teenage Brain.”

the teenage brain

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