what is distracted driving

What Is Distracted Driving and How Does It Affect Teens?

The term “distracted driving” isn’t just the latest in awareness buzzwords to instill fear in everyone behind the wheel.  Distracted driving is a serious and dangerous habit that many Americans—and especially teens—engage in on a daily basis. So what is distracted driving? According to the U.S. Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), […]

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defensive driving tips

The Most Useful Defensive Driving Tips for Teens

For many parents, the thought of their child being on the road can induce fear, worry, and even anxiety. With so many factors at play—distractions, the prospect of others on the road driving dangerously, even the weather—these feelings are understandable! However, the best way to minimize this anxiety is to ensure that your child is […]

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teens texting and driving facts

Teens Texting and Driving: Facts and Statistics

Distracted driving has been making headlines for years. Even though drivers of all ages admit to distracted driving, teen drivers are the worst offenders. Distracted driving is risky on its own, but when it’s combined with the inexperience of a teen driver, it can be incredibly dangerous. How dangerous? According to the National Highway Traffic […]

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Teen Driver Contract

TeenSafe’s Teen Driver Contract For Parents of New Drivers

Distracted driving killed 3,477 people in 2015, according to the Distracted Driving 2015 report released by the U.S. Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.. While distracted driving may encompass numerous distractions—like changing a radio station, turning to talk to a friend or even fixing hair or makeup—cell phone use remains one of the […]

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