acronyms parents should know

Parents Need to Know These Secret Teen Sexting Codes

With smartphones conveniently at their fingertips, teens are exploring their sexuality by sending sexual text messages commonly referred to as sexting. More than 33 percent of teenagers have engaged in sexting and 20 percent have sent nude photos.

It is vital that parents get and stay informed about teenage sexting. Sexting can carry serious legal implications for teens including being charged for pornography or having to register as a sex offender. Additional risks of teen sexting are blackmail, bullying, emotional harm or stress and absolutely no control of how images are shared or passed on. Use this guide as a compass to navigate your way through sexting with your teen.

Start the conversation

Parents should sit down with their teen and have an open and honest discussion about sexting. Discuss ways that they can stay safe and let them know you are available to them if they feel uncomfortable or have had a negative sexting experience.

acronyms parents should know

You should have this conversation as early as you feel necessary but especially if your child has regular access to a smartphone, tablet or online access. Each child is unique so tailor your approach based on their personality and your overall relationship with them. Consider the following:

  • Detail your expectations, rules and regulations for smartphone, tablet, laptop or other mobile device. Create a contract for each of you to sign.
  • If your teen has had their mobile device for a while ask them about their current content. Ask: Would you feel comfortable showing me, other kids at school or a stranger all the images/video/text you have in your phone? If they answer “no” that may be an indication that they have inappropriate content to share or have already engaged.
  • Make sure that to your teen is not being pressured to engage in sexting. Reassure her that it is perfectly ok to say “no”.
  • Explain the risks when “sexting goes wrong”–use real life examples for impact.
  • Apply the Granny Rule: If you wouldn’t show Granny an image of themselves then you probably shouldn’t have the image in their smartphone (or other mobile device)
  • Ask your teen if they have questions and make it clear that you are accessible if they feel they need to talk about sexting or anything else for that matter.
  • Check in with your teen regularly keep the conversation going by discussing teenage sexting cases in the news and new statistics as they arise.

Do your homework

Sexting is a relatively new and evolving language comprised of various symbolic letter and number combinations known as acronyms. Parents are encouraged to keep a list of acronyms (with their respective meanings) handy because they can be code for alcohol, drugs or sex.

acronyms parents should know

Sexting Lingo Ultimate Guide:

122 Common Acronyms Every Teen Parent Should know

*Warning some of the contents on the list is deemed offensive and or vulgar.

  1. 8 – oral sex
  2. 9 – parent is watching
  3. 99 – parent no longer watching
  4. 143 – I love you
  5. 182 – I hate you
  6. 420 – marijuana
  7. 459 – I love you
  8. 4Q – f**k you
  9. 831 – I love you
  10. 1174 – nude club
  11. ADR – Address
  12. AEAP – as early as possible
  13. AITR – adult in the room
  14. ALAP – as late as possible
  15. ASL – age/sex/location
  16. AWGTHTGTTA – are we going to have to go
  17. B4YKI – before you know it
  18. BJ – blow job
  19. BOB – battery operated boyfriend
  20. BRB – be right back
  21. BRT – be right there
  22. CBF – can’t be f***ed
  23. CBJ – covered blow job
  24. CD9 – code 9 – parents are around
  25. CWYL – chat with you later
  26. CYT – see you tomorrow
  27. DURS – damn you’re sexy
  28. DUSL – Do you scream loud?
  29. E123 – easy as one, two, three
  30. EM – excuse me
  31. EOD – end of day -or- end of discussion
  32. F2F – face to face
  33. FAH – f**king A hot
  34. FB – f**k buddy
  35. FBI – female body inspector
  36. FILF – father I’d like to f**k
  37. FMLTWIA – f**k me like the whore I am
  38. FO – f**k off
  39. FOAF – friend of a friend
  40. FOL – fond of leather
  41. FWB – friends with benefits
  42. GAP – Got a pic?
  43. GNOC – get naked on cam
  44. GYPO – get your pants off
  45. HAK – hugs and kisses
  46. HBU – How bout you?
  47. HUYA – head up your ass
  48. H4U – hot for you
  49. I&I – intercourse and inebriation
  50. F/IB – In the front or in the back?
  51. IDGI – I don’t get it
  52. IMEZRU – I am easy, are you?
  53. IWSN – I want sex now
  54. ILU – I love you
  55. IPN – I’m posting naked
  56. J/O – jerking off
  57. KFY or K4Y – kiss for you
  58. KOOL – kiss on the lips
  59. KPC – keeping parents clueless
  60. KWSTA – kiss with serious tongue action
  61. L8R – later
  62. LF – let’s f***
  63. LHOS – let’s have online sex
  64. LHSO – let’s have sex online
  65. LKITR -little kid in the room
  66. LMIRL – let’s meet in real life
  67. LY* or LU* – anything beginning with these are forms of I love you
  68. M4C – meet for coffee
  69. MA – mature audience
  70. MorF – male or female
  71. MOOS – member of the opposite sex
  72. MOFO – mother f***er
  73. MOS – mom over shoulder
  74. MILF – mother I’d like to f**k
  75. MIRL – meet in real life
  76. MOS – mom over shoulder
  77. MPFB – my personal f**k buddy
  78. MSNUW – miniskirt no underwear
  79. N-A-Y-L – in a while
  80. NAZ – name, address, zip (also means Nasdaq)
  81. NM – never mind OR nothing much OR not much OR nice move
  82. NIFOC – nude in front of the computer
  83. NSFW – not safe for work
  84. OLL – online love
  85. OMW – on my way OR oh my word
  86. OTP – on the phone
  87. P911 – parent alert
  88. PAL – parents are listening
  89. PAW – parents are watching
  90. PIR – parent in room
  91. PBB – parent behind back
  92. PLOS – parents looking over shoulder
  93. POM – parent over my shoulder
  94. POS – parent over shoulder or piece of sh**
  95. PRW – parents are watching
  96. RU/18 – Are you over 18?
  97. RUH – Are you horny?
  98. RYO – roll your own
  99. S2R – send to receive (photo)
  100. SorG – straight or gay
  101. STM – spank the monkey
  102. TAW – teachers are watching
  103. TDTM – talk dirty to me
  104. TTA – tap that ass
  105. WYFM – Would you f**k me?
  106. WYCM – Will you call me?
  107. WYRN – What’s your real name?
  108. WYF – Where you from?
  109. XTC – ecstasy

Monitor text messages

Stay on top of your teens text message conversations. Use a service that will allow you to monitor your teen’s text messages from your smartphone or desktop computer at your inconvenience. Monitoring allows parents to protect children from cyberbullying, inappropriate content and predators.

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