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Parents, Take Back Control with the New Teensafe App!

TeenSafe’s parental app has a list of features that enable you to block, allow, and control your kids’ phones. Designed to deliver functionality and results with a touch of a button, this app features the Pause Button, which disables all device functionality on your kids’ phones, except for the ability to make phone calls.

Social media control

Facebook messenger and Snapchat; Instagram or Twitter — whichever of these social mediums are keeping your kids stuck to the phone screen, with the app you will be able to limit their screen time. You can set specific times when to block these apps, such as at bedtime to avoid late night chats and during school hours to keep your kids focused.

teen safe apps

Web browsing, texting or emailing

Teensafe Manage gives you control over your kids’ web browsing activity, texting, emailing and even music. This way, your kids will have less screen time and more time to focus on other things in their life such as school work and relaxing outside.

The negative effects that come with too much screen time are significant. Kids can suffer from sleep deprivation and obesity. They can lack social skills and suffer from back and neck pain from not being active. With the Teensafe Manage app, you can simply shut down all texting, browsing, and emailing to get your child to focus on the here and now.

Apps and In-app purchases

The TeenSafe Manage app gives parents control over their kids’ app downloads and in-app purchases. This way, you can gain back control on the way in which their money is spent, especially when your kids are spending too much money on in-app purchases. Moreover, control over app downloads means your kids won’t be able to use apps that are not suitable for their age.

Camera functions and photos

TeenSafe Manage will block all camera functions, including the ability to share any photos on other apps.  By blocking a child’s camera, you can prevent them from missing out on experiences by focusing on taking pictures.  Whether it’s a concert, party, or sporting event, by blocking the camera you can help your child stay present in whatever they’re experiencing.

teen safe apps

Custom restrictions and unique features

TeenSafe Manage gives parents the ability to apply custom restrictions for different levels of control. Moreover, unlike other parental apps, your kids won’t be able to uninstall the TeenSafe Manage certificate from their phones, which means that once installed, you can maintain control over your child’s device, especially at critical times such as when they’re driving or taking a test.

Why is the app essential?

The app is designed to keep your kids safe both mentally and physically. This means you will have gained back the ability to keep them safe as a parent. Restricted phone time will make it easier for your kids to interact with those around them and to go outside, rather than spend hours sitting while stuck to a phone screen.

The app will keep your kids from texting and driving and from being distracted during school hours. Late nights spent browsing will also come to an end. This app is not for monitoring your kids’ activity but it is designed to bring your kids back to you and away from the use of too much technology.

TeenSafe is the ultimate app for preventing cyberbullying,” according to NBC. A sponsor of the National PTA, TeenSafe was built by parents for parents to provide them with modern tools. This way, parents can adapt their parenting skills to this modern age, so that kids can stay safe no matter how vast and freeing the internet can be.

With 1 million parents already using this app and with the Better Business Bureau giving it an A+ rating, TeenSafe proves to be a powerful tool for parents.

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