TeenSafe’s Smartphone Shopping Guide for Parents During the Holidays

Kids typically start to beg for a smartphone around this time of year, hoping their parents will give in and buy them one for the holidays. Unfortunately for parents, buying a smartphone for a child is no easy feat since there are so many different types of phones on the market. But, there’s no need to stress. This helpful smartphone shopping guide for the holidays has all of the information you need to make the right choice for your child:

Best iOS Smartphones For Kids

Most people would agree that iPhones, which use the iOS operating system, are easier to use than Android devices. For this reason, it’s recommended that you purchase an iPhone if this is your child’s first smartphone. Parents should also buy iPhones if everyone else in the family already uses this type of smartphone. If everyone in the family has an iPhone, family members can take advantage of a number of unique iPhone features, such as FaceTime, iMessage, and shared iCloud accounts.

iPhones can be expensive, so parents who are on a budget should consider getting an older model instead of the newest models, which are much pricier. Even an iPhone 7, which is still considered fairly new, may save you hundreds of dollars. If you’re purchasing a phone for a young child, it may be best to buy either an iPhone SE or iPhone 5c. These are much less expensive, so it won’t be as big of a loss if your young child damages the phone.

If you’re purchasing a smartphone for a teen, try to get one of the more recent models since teens prefer having the latest and greatest technological devices. Apple just released several new models, including the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone X, however the iPhone X is not very kid-friendly. There have been a number of reports stating that the iPhone X is one of the most fragile iPhones ever, so this isn’t a great choice for a child. Out of these three new releases, the iPhone 8 is the best choice since it is slightly smaller than the iPhone 8 Plus, which means it will fit perfectly inside your child’s pocket, handbag, or backpack.

Best Android Smartphones For Kids

Android smartphones come in a wide variety of sizes, display sizes, designs, and prices, so parents who are looking for more options should look for a phone that uses this operating system.

One of the best Android smartphones for kids is the Moto G5 Plus. Even though this model was released this year, it still retails for under $250. The Moto G5 Plus has a metal design that comes in either a steel gray or rose gold color. So, parents may choose this phone for the price, but kids will love it because of its sleek and stylish design.

Parents who are looking for an Android device for a young child should look for a device with a large screen. Why? Young kids use their smartphones to watch videos and play games, which is much easier to do with a larger screen. A great option is the Sony Xperia XA, which is an affordable smartphone with a 5” borderless screen.

Parents who are shopping for a teenager should consider spending a bit more to get a more premium and cutting edge Android device, such as the Google Pixel 2. Google claims that this device has the best smartphone camera in the world, so it’s perfect for teens who love to take selfies. The Google Pixel 2 is also water-resistant and designed with a built-in digital assistant that can be accessed just by squeezing the phone. These features will make the Google Pixel 2 a big hit with teens who are hoping for a new smartphone this holiday season.

Steps to Take After Buying A Phone

A parent’s job isn’t over once the smartphone has been purchased and giftwrapped. Before your child starts installing all of his favorite apps and adding his friends’ information to his contact list, it’s a good idea to set some ground rules. Make sure your child knows the do’s and don’ts of responsible smartphone use, a smartphone contract is a great resource to set expectations.. It may even be helpful to write out a contract that lists all of the rules so everyone is on the same page.

Next, parents should use monitoring software like TeenSafe Monitor. TeenSafe Monitor is a monitoring tool that parents can use to see their kids’ texts, phone logs, browsing history, location, installed apps, and contact list. Tools like these are useful, and keep kids safe in the digital world.

Now that you’ve chosen the right smartphone, gone over the ground rules with your child, and set up parental controls, you can finally kick back with your family and enjoy the rest of your holiday season!

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