Cell Phone Tracker

The Importance of Using a Cell Phone Tracker


Our ten-year-old son was not answering his phone. We dropped him off at soccer camp and told him that it was important to keep in touch. It was his first time experiencing a sleepover facility and we were both nervous about him being alone and vulnerable. That’s when my wife said, “Track his phone.” We went to the app, put in the info and there it was. A little pulsating red dot showing us the phone’s exact location, in his “safe zone,” right where he was supposed to be at that time of day. We sighed some relief and when we finally were able to talk to him gave him another set of strict instructions on keeping in touch.

Not Like the Old Days

The importance of using a cell phone tracker on your kid’s phone means taking advantage of yet another safety tool in your digital arsenal. With close to 80% of teens owning a cell or smartphone (2013 Pew Research Report) it is only fair that you are able to stay in the game to keep your child out of harm’s way. When you were young you may have fibbed once or twice to your parents about where you were going. For most, it was innocent enough, yet for some there are stories of not being able to locate their child during an emergency.

The Must Find

Yes, we were concerned about our son’s safety at soccer camp and luckily all we had was a minor scare. It is when certain situations arise that having a tracker on your child’s cell can make a huge difference. Friends of ours had a loved one on their deathbed with only moments to spare, by tracking their kid’s iPhone they were able to go directly to the skate park he was at and quickly make the hospital in time. The phone was in his bag while he was skating. By the way, these were the friends that recommended we put a tracker on our son’s phone. Other friends of ours weren’t so lucky. Their daughter got in a fight with her mom and stormed off. She didn’t answer her phone (of course); they didn’t have a cell phone tracker; and they got nowhere calling her friends. As a result the entire family missed their plane to go on vacation.

The Good Track

It doesn’t have to be a bad thing either. Imagine your child is not answering her phone but you know she’s probably doing an activity just as the boy at the skate park was. Except this time it’s an acceptance letter from her first choice college. You had strict instructions from her to track her down if such an instance arose. Fast-forward to you standing on the sideline of her softball field holding up the letter with tears of pride streaming down your cheeks. Hallmark moment, thanks to the tracker you installed. A 2013 NY Times article quotes an industry pro regarding something as simple as tracking a young one in the garden when they are no longer there, “Your first reaction is a bit of panic, but if you look at your phone, you can see, ‘Oh, she’s returned to her room,’ ”

It doesn’t take much to understand the importance of using a cell phone tracker on your kid’s phone. If your kids are young, make them understand these benefits as early as their first toy phone. Let them grow up with no other option until they are old enough to take the helm. For teens, it can be challenging to implement this technology, making transparency difficult. Each family decides how to handle what’s best for them but overall, a cell phone tracker is a win-win.

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