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How to Upgrade The Parental Controls for Android

The internet is constantly changing; every day some new digital trend emerges and it’s hard for parents to keep up.

That’s why parental controls are essential to protect your child from posts or websites that you don’t approve. In this, we’ll go over how to upgrade your parental controls on your Android devices so you can get a leg up on trying to filter out some of the darker things your children might see on the web.

Why Should You Have Parental Controls

First off, what are parental controls, and why should you have them? This is a rather complex topic. Essentially, parental controls are safeguards that parents can use on phones or internet browsers. They allow you to filter out apps and websites that you feel your children should not see.

What are some simple ways you can act? Well, most internet browsers have Parental Controls, and they are very easy to access. A quick web search will show you how to activate them for almost any browser. This means that even if you aren’t the most tech-savvy parent, you can still have some sort of influence over the ocean of content available for your child to see.

Then, of course, there are upgrades for monitoring and parental controls – tools that can show you who your child is text messaging, where their phone is, and what websites they’ve been visiting. But each family’s monitoring needs are unique. Deciding between which controls to implement – like simple web filters, or more the more advanced options detailed earlier –  is a crucial component of this process of ensuring web safety for your child.

Do you trust your child with just a content filter on the web? Or do you wish to have a more detailed account of their web activity? It is on the parent to decide what is right for their family.

parental control android

Kids love playing games on Android phones.

Setting Up Android & Advanced Controls

Here is a simple way to set up Parental Controls on an Android device:

From your device’s home-screen go into settings. From settings select “Users,” then select “Add User or Profile.” Select the option to create a “Restricted Profile.”

From there, you’ll be asked to give the new, restricted profile a name. After this, a list of every app installed on your device will appear, and you’ll be able to easily switch on and off access to whichever apps that you deem inappropriate for your child to explore. This means you can turn off things like your web browser, online shopping apps, and social media apps so your young children will have a more protected space to go online, and it will be less worrisome for you as well, because you’ll know that they are browsing in a safe space.

Once you create your child’s account, your main account will be PIN protected. This means your child can freely access their restricted account while not being able to get into yours. If all else fails, a Google Play store password will prevent any unwanted purchases. No matter how many safeguards there are, however, there can always be human error, so passwords are of paramount importance when it comes to protecting your family in the digital space.

Now, if you’re thinking that Android Controls are a bit too lax, and you want to really have a good idea of what your child does online, there are other, more comprehensive ways of monitoring your child’s internet activity. Teensafe offers comprehensive tools in terms of monitoring your child’s online safety.

The truth is, our children will be exposed to the internet whether we like it or not. We, as parents, cannot control every single aspect of our child’s life. But, we can be proactive about our parenting. We can learn about the newest technologies, emerging trends, and stay ahead of what’s current if we truly make an effort.

parental control android

There are many great websites that deal with children’s internet safety, there’s vast amounts of information on parental controls from leading tech companies who constantly monitor internet safety. In short, there is a whole knowledge base out there to pull from if you are truly worried about your child’s security online.

What we need to do as parents is realize that we cannot protect our children from everything, but we must also consistently try to keep our family safe from the dangers of the web. We must recognize the dangers of the internet, while also allowing our children to learn about technology and grow from it.

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