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How To Use a Parental Control App to Protect Your Child

With cyberbullies and online predators lurking in every corner of the internet, it can be difficult for parents to protect their children from what they can’t see. How do you navigate allowing your child to enjoy the benefits of the internet and social media while keeping your child safe?

This is a difficult question for many parents. Your child’s environment doesn’t help, either. At school, their friends expect them to text during class and post photos to their Instagram and Snapchat. At home, practically everyone in the family may be glued to their smartphone and all of your child’s entertainment is accessible through a device (whether it be movies, puzzles, or Pokemon Go).

Thankfully, there’s a solution. With parental control apps like Teensafe’s Mobile App, parents are able to balance their child’s time online using features that limit which apps can be used at what time. Don’t want your child playing Pokemon Go on the day they have a test? Worried about Snapchat’s filtering system that allows for minors to see inappropriate content? Take back control!

Here’s what a parental control app can do for you and your family:

Keep Your Child Safe from Inappropriate Content

Your kids are more likely to search for inappropriate content when they are alone, such as when they are in their room or at school. Parental control apps can help you control their web browsing activity by shutting down web browsers when you decide it is time.

Keep Your Child’s Focus in Check

“The average person looks at his or her phone 46 times every day,” and for kids who want to feel socially included by being constantly present on social media, this number could prove to be much higher. Parental control apps can help you to keep your kids’ focus in check by blocking the internet on their phones during crucial hours, such as during school or homework time.

parental control apps

Save Their Money

App happy kids can end up spending too much money on in-app purchases. As a parent, it is physically impossible to check everything your kids spend their money on but you can use parental control apps to block in-app purchases, so that you will be the one to determine if the in-app purchase is worth spending money on.

Teach Your Child Social Skills

“There’s no question kids are missing out on very critical social skills,” says Dr. Catherine Steiner-Adair, a clinical psychologist and author of The Big Disconnect. “In a way, texting and online communicating—it’s not like it creates a nonverbal learning disability, but it puts everybody in a nonverbal disabled context, where body language, facial expression, and even the smallest kinds of vocal reactions are rendered invisible.”

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As long as they have online access, your kids will most often opt to communicate in this manner rather than interact live. Parental controls will take the first option away from them and in a way, force them to develop social skills.

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Protect Your Child from Cyberbullying

The minute they are online, your kids are at risk of being bullied or of becoming bullies. This is because the internet makes it so easy for us all to hide behind the screen. Less time online with the help of these apps will lead to a smaller risk of your kids becoming victims of cyberbullying or of ending up becoming bullies themselves.

Reduce the Risk of Social Anxiety

Social media and the need to know what’s happening online all the time is a real issue. Stats show how kids and even adults are experiencing FOMO — Fear Of Missing Out. A parental control app will stop your kids from going online every chance they get which will lead to them being less likely to depend on a social media presence to feel socially worthy.

Protect Your Child From Online Predators

A parental control app will keep your kids away from late nights and long days chatting with online strangers. This means there is less of a risk of your kids becoming victims of online predators.

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The Negative Effects of Too Much Screen Time

Long hours spent in front of a screen can lead to a number of negative effects. Your kids are at risk of becoming obese, more aggressive, and suffer from more bouts of frustrations in real life because of the internet’s way of giving them things instantly. Moreover, they can suffer from back and neck pain due to not sitting correctly.

Parents are gaining back control thanks to parental control apps. This is what our TeenSafe Parental Control app was built to do. Designed to bring functionality and control with the touch of a button, our app will give you more peace of mind and give you back your family.

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