Infographics from the Web: How Pornography Addiction Affects the Teenage Brain

At TeenSafe, we’re always looking for new ways to spread knowledge and awareness that parents can use to keep their children safe in the digital age.  But for all the dangers the internet brings, it’s also a great way to network with like minds.

We found this shocking infographic on, confronting a topic that’s never easy to discuss.  Pornography addiction is a serious issue, made even more serious by the ever-increasing access to online content. These days, our kids can stumble upon adult content, not only while using the family computer, but through their mobile phones as well!

This infographic illustrates the consequence of that exposure:


Our new friends at have made it abundantly clear why pornography addiction is dangerous and epidemic.  Now, together, we have to ask the difficult question: How do we stop it?

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