laws against cyberbulying

Is Cyberbullying Illegal? A Breakdown By State

Bullying has probably been around since the beginning of time, but times are changing quickly. With the advancement and easy accessibility of technology, a whole new realm of bullying has taken a nasty root in today’s society. Cyberbullying, commonly understood to be the use of any electronic communication device to harass, intimidate, or bully, is […]

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how to identify cyberbullying

Cyberbullying, Part III: Identifying A Cyberbully

It’s hard to think of your child as a bully, but the truth is, cyberbullying is more complicated. There’s the old idea that many bullies are those who are insecure, or even victims of bullying themselves. But cyberbullying is different. It’s been noted that many teens see cyberbullying as “easier” than traditional bullying; so easy, […]

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