Cyberbulying Facts and Statistics

Cyberbullying Facts and Statistics

A lot has changed since we were children. As a society, we’ve traded Pogs and Polly Pockets for Smartphones and Playstations. Although we aren’t as concerned about choking hazards or toxic paints, our son’s and daughter’s love for technology can open them up to numerous hidden dangers. Just like stepping on Legos in the middle of […]

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if you want your child to be intelligent

If You Want a Smart Kid, Take Away the iPad and Give Them a Guitar!

Did your child inherit your smarts?  Or does she need an ideal environment in which to cognitively flourish?  Which determines intelligence level:  genetics or environment? Both, studies say.  And while scientists are devoting their careers to figuring out just what genes your kid should be born with for maximum intelligence, parents are devoting their lives […]

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