internet safety tips for teens

Internet Safety Tips for Teens in 2017

When you mix the nonchalance that comes with the teenage years to the excess and freedom found in the online world, the combination can be a dangerous one. The brain of a teenager is still developing during this time and because of this, your kid isn’t as capable of foreseeing future consequences of the actions […]

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how to limit screen time

How To Limit Screen Time According to Pediatricians

The digital world has become a constant presence in family life. Whether it’s keeping your kids distracted while out at a restaurant, helping with homework problems, or watching a movie together–technology has the potential to support a family in many ways. However, there is still dangers associated with allowing your child unlimited access to media. […]

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screen addiction facts

Join TeenSafe to #FightScreenAddiction

THE CAMPAIGN: #FightScreenAddiction is a digital campaign to raise awareness about the dangers of screen addiction in our children. Today’s children gain access to digital devices at a very young age—with long-lasting consequences. Screen addiction can impact a child’s social development, school performance, and even their safety. But how do we protect our children when […]

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