child abduction through internet

Mom of Abducted Preteen Speaks Out On Internet Safety and Monitoring

Jo Wheeler stood alone in her home, panicked, and with her hand still throbbing from when it had been broken a few days earlier. With her good hand, she used the phone to frantically call law enforcement agencies and file missing persons reports in the desperate hope of finding her daughter — a 12-year-old girl […]

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how much privacy should a teenager have

Expert Study: Parents’ Perspectives on Teens, Privacy, and New Tech

At TeenSafe, we’re always interested in reports from experts in the fields of childcare and technology, and how they can inform the tools that we develop for parents around the world. The latest study we’ve uncovered is Parents’ and Teens’ Perspective on Privacy in a Technology-Filled World, which comes from a team at Carnegie Mellon […]

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