Beverly D. Flaxington

Beverly D. Flaxington is a well known, branded Human Behavioral Coach ® and has many well-deserved merits towards her success as a behavioral analyst. She’s also an accomplished entrepreneur, a business consultant, bestselling, award-winning author, college professor, professional speaker, personal trainer, as well as a behavioral expert.

With an unwavering commitment to working towards successful relationships and self-confidence building behavioral techniques, she has built a reputation of respect and her experiences as a life coach have helped many with a troubled past.

Raves and Reviews

Beverly’s books are translated into multiple languages and are used in many universities and colleges across the country. Her recently released book, “Self-Talk For a Calmer You,” is getting rave reviews. “Understanding Other People: The Five Secrets to Human Behavior,” is a bestselling and gold-award winning guide for those struggling with relationships and other people-related problems.

Behavioral Benefits

With her in-depth knowledge of human behavior and offering the most effective ways to make important changes, Flaxington has created a variety of successful and proprietary approaches to these unique human experiences that have not only benefited individuals, but corporations to reach higher levels of success in their endeavors. She’s implemented excellence in her:

  • Sales Effectiveness Model
  • The trademarked S.H.I.F.T. model
  • Five Secrets to Successful Selling

Flaxington continues to teach and inspire others as an adjunct professor at Suffolk University where she offers her “Leadership and Social Responsibility” course as a part of their regular curriculum. She’s also a Certified Hypnotist, Reiki Master, Attunement Practitioner, and uses the DISC and PIAV tools regularly in her practices with different business organizations and when reaching out to  individuals.

A sense of commitment is obviously present in her many types of practices and techniques as her ability to help others outweighs her growing number of credentials. She uses these acquired tools in her journey to continue helping those in need while growing her own educational and humanitarian endeavors.

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