Rich Wistocki, Detective

“There is no such thing as privacy with children. Parents need to know what’s going on with those phones. They need to have conversations with kids, to know what apps kids are using, and who they are talking to.”

Chicago Western Suburban Police Department, Internet Crimes Unit –

Detective Richard Wistocki works with the High Tech Crimes Unit, Naperville, Illinois Police Department and has over 30 years of experience in police work. He has also served on an Illinois Police Department Special Response Team as a sniper for the last ten years. Wistocki currently handles internet crimes involving children and uses his experience in juvenile investigations to teach parents on how to parent their children while online.

Additionally, he works as an instructor at the Suburban Law Enforcement Academy where he teaches detectives and patrol officers about social network investigations, beginner in computer crime investigations, internet predator investigations, juvenile sexting investigations, and patrol response to internet crime.

In 2013, Wistocki formulated a new type of presentation tool named “DARE2KNOW” for parents. The program combines recent issues with drug abuse, detection by parents by monitoring teens, cell phones, computers and drug testing.  Currently, he gives a two-hour presentation every other month to parent groups on how to protect their children online and keep their children safe, and every parent who attends the presentation receives a gift bag with free trial software and a home drug testing kit.

He has also created a new, cutting-edge online learning management system called Juvenile Justice Online, which allows law enforcement and school administrators to deal with sexting and cyberbullying cases and educate children through restorative justice in lieu of going to court.

Wistocki also provides consultation to schools and church groups on how to monitor children online. In his last 20 years as an internet crimes investigator, he has forged numerous partnerships with the community and other law enforcement agencies. He serves as the law enforcement liaison between, owned by Fox Interactive Media, and the Attorney Generals Internet Crimes against Children Task Force. Wistocki also meets with the security team of Facebook every May at the National ICAC Conference for open and productive conversations on how to better protect children online.

Wistocki is one of the founding members and an affiliate member of the Illinois Attorney Generals High Tech Crimes Bureau. He is a member of the United States Secret Service Computer Crimes Task Force and the American Sniper Association.

He has received several awards, including the Law Enforcement Innovation award from in 2006, Officer of the Year from the National Exchange Club of Naperville in 2007, Appreciate Public Service (CAPS) Officer of the Year/George Pradel Award in 2008, Son’s of the American Revolution Officer of the Year Award in 2008, and Meritorious Unit Award from the CAPS Organization for Computer Crimes Investigations in 2012.


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