Signe Whitson

Signe Whitson is an engaging author, internationally recognized for her ongoing commitment offering parents and school administrators the tools they need to prepare children for the many obstacles they’ll encounter. These types of troubles have been difficult on parents for decades, but considering all the trauma associated with today’s technology, the internet and social media platforms, parenting is even more challenging than ever before.

Whitson has offered her unique expertise to help kids, counselors and parents to connect on a better level. Her books, “Friendship and Other Weapons” and “8 Ways to End Bullying,” together with training exercises, give better, more clear information and offer strategies on how everyone involved can overcome these types of struggles.  

Workshops & Speaking Engagements

Whitson offers customized workshops for unique situations and also provides comprehensive seminars and speaking engagements that cover managing conflicts in schools which include:

  • Understanding and Ending Bullying: Strategies for Parents and Professionals
  • Teaching Elementary and Middle School Students to Stand Up to Bullying
  • Bullying and Cyberbullying Prevention Workshops for Middle and High School Students
  • An Assertive Anger Expression Skills Workshop
  • Life Space Crisis Intervention Training and Certification
  • Understanding and Managing Passive Aggressive Behavior

Whitson uses a number of different techniques and exercises designed to end bullying for middle and high school aged children. Building on key social-emotional skills, these are empowering children with an ability to cope with conflict. They also help to guide administrators and parents on how to help young people to manage their often difficult peer relationships more effectively.

Signe has the unique ability of turning problem situations into learning opportunities for both children and adults. She gives both parents and professionals a way of effectively mapping through conflict with youngsters and taming crisis situations that help to change the patterns of some of today’s self-defeating behaviors that are affecting our youth.

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