TeenSafe Smartphone App Blacklist 2018

It’s getting easier and easier for developers to build and launch mobile apps. As a result, keeping track of which apps are dangerous for kids has become somewhat of a full-time job for parents. Once you figure out how one app works, another one is introduced. Who knows what impact each new app could have […]

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Is Snapchat Safe for 11 Year Olds and Under?

In August, two teens were charged with child endangerment after allegedly putting a baby in a refrigerator. How were they caught? Snapchat. The teens videotaped the prank and posted it on the popular social media app. While the allure of Snapchat is that all content disappears from the sender’s account, the app doesn’t prevent the […]

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in app purchases

6 Apps Kids Spend The Most Money on In-App Purchases

In April, a court ruled that Amazon had unlawfully charged customers over $70 million for in-app purchases made by children. Parents argued that Amazon made it too easy for a child to make an in-app purchase without getting permission from the child’s parent or guardian first. Amazon isn’t the only company that has had to […]

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