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TeenSafe was recently mentioned on the Bucks County Courier Times website in an article entitled “Online bullying and sexting growing more prevalent even among younger kids.” The article discusses the increase in cases involving sexting and the exchange of sexually explicit pictures among children in Bucks County, Pennsylvania and the surrounding areas. School officials quoted in the article discuss how it all starts with a sexually explicit photo or text that is saved by the recipient and then passed around to other classmates. Sending just one image or text can come back to haunt kids, and it often results in bullying that can affect a child’s social life, emotional state, and grades.

This is an issue that parents should be concerned about. But, what can they do to protect their children? According to the sources in this article, parents should turn to TeenSafe to monitor their kids online behavior. Here’s why:

Legal Implications

Teens may think that sharing inappropriate images is harmless, but it can sometimes lead to legal trouble. If your child shares a sexually explicit image of an underage classmate, he or she could face child pornography charges. Even sending a sexually explicit image of yourself to another person is a crime if you are underage. Kids may understand that sending sexually explicit images is wrong, but they probably aren’t aware of the criminal consequences.

Kids Need Guidance

Kids may be more tech-savvy than their parents, but that does not mean they understand the consequences of the choices that they make in the digital world. In this article, a cyber safety advocate mentions that kids know that they shouldn’t send sexually explicit photos or texts to one another, but that doesn’t stop them from doing it. For this reason, parents need to get involved in order to guide their children in the right direction and help them make smart choices.

Tech-Savvy Tricks

Your child knows that you may try to look at his phone to see who he’s texting or what he is looking at online, which is why they are learning how to cover their tracks. Kids may start to delete inappropriate texts as soon as they have been sent or received, use messenger apps such as WhatsApp instead of sending text messages, or download “vault” apps that hide photos or other media. Because of this, looking through your child’s phone is no longer an effective way of keeping tabs on what he’s doing online. Fortunately, TeenSafe can solve this problem. TeenSafe allows parents to access messenger apps such as WhatsApp, see a list of all of the installed apps on your child’s phone, and read texts even if they have been deleted. Kids won’t be able to outsmart you with TeenSafe on your side.

This story may have come out of a rural county in Pennsylvania, but it touches on an issue that affects kids and parents everywhere. Now is the time for parents to get involved and prevent their children from making a mistake that could greatly affect their lives.

Read the full article here: Online bullying and sexting growing more prevalent even among younger kids

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