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Teensafe on How Life Works

The general interest website, How Life Works, recently asked and answered an important question for many of today’s parents: “How Easy Is It To Stay On Top Of Your Online Child’s Life?” At the end of this informative article, they’re offering a free sample of Teensafe, an app designed to assist parents with online perils, […]

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TeenSafe on New York Family

New York Family recently released an article highlighting Teensafe as a “New App (that) Let’s Parents Take Control Of Their Kid’s Tech.” Even if you’ve implemented rules like, “no phones at the dinner table,” these restrictions can still be ignored and today’s children are becoming increasingly more addicted to today’s technology. According to the NY […]

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TeenSafe on Modern Boca Mom

Modern Boca Mom is a mecca of advice for the “modern Mommy” in the South Florida area. This trendy website recently offered some excellent maternal advice on the hot topic of playing the insanely popular Pokemon Go game. In “The Boca Raton Parent’s Guide To Pokemon Go,” they share an important video from Teensafe, makers […]

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TeenSafe on ABC 7 News

  The ABC News Channel 7 recently mentioned the TeenSafe app as an important way for parents to stay one step ahead of their children when it comes to using a multitude of different types of technology available to them today. In their report, they briefly highlighted a report involving the rape of a twelve-year-old […]

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TeenSafe on USA Today

USA Today has long been a source for important everyday advice, along with relevant news information for their audience and their recent report on “Tech Upgrades The Personal Panic Button,” is certainly no different. In this segment, they highlight many newer apps that are available to assist with today’s technology when it comes to our […]

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