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TeenSafe on ABC 7 News


The ABC News Channel 7 recently mentioned the TeenSafe app as an important way for parents to stay one step ahead of their children when it comes to using a multitude of different types of technology available to them today. In their report, they briefly highlighted a report involving the rape of a twelve-year-old girl who police say was lured to a motel room by a predator and then assaulted her.

Using the “Whisper” app, a platform that encourages people to share secrets with each other while remaining anonymous, police say this is how the offender was able to make contact with the young woman. Other applications like Yik Yak, where abusive language is used anonymously, and Down, are simply dangerous environments for kids. For example, the Down site slogan reveals it’s  “The anonymous, simple, fun way to meet friends who are down for the night.”

However you interpret the word “down” in that sentence, in today’s modern music scene, it’s associated with lyrics that refer to partying and having sexual relations. Again, behaviors and situations that are completely inappropriate for youngsters.

Keeping Tabs With Teensafe

With so many different apps, websites and social media platforms, it would be impossible for parents to keep tabs with all of these avenues on their own. That’s where the Teensafe app comes to the rescue, especially for some adults who are overwhelmed or challenged with all of today’s technology. Even if you’re a tech genius, it’s still statistically unlikely you’d be able to check on all of these avenues by yourself.

Using the Teensafe app allows parents to closely monitor their child’s use of today’s technology including what apps they’ve installed, what they’re doing on social media, view phone logs, text messages, emails and even retrieve those that have been deleted. Don’t let your child become another victim of using some of the technology that can put them in danger.

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