TeenSafe on CBS 21

TeenSafe on CBS 21

TeenSafe Control was recently highlighted on the CBS 21 news website in an article entitled “TeenSafe Control app created to help keep your kids protected.” The article told the story of Dave and Gina Daniel, two parents who frequently struggle to keep up with what their kids are doing with their smartphones. The parents were introduced to the TeenSafe Control app, which solved many of the problems that they were facing with their teens. Here’s a look at some of the benefits of using TeenSafe Control that were mentioned in the article:

Blocking Dangerous Apps

Parents may not want their kids using certain apps that they view as potentially dangerous. Instead of refusing to give them a smartphone, all parents have to do is use the TeenSafe Control feature to block certain apps.

The parents took advantage of this feature after learning about Snapchat’s new addition, Snap Map. This feature allows you to see the precise location of other users who have recently sent a snap to their followers. It’s clear why the Daniels were concerned about their daughters using Snap Map and making information on their location available to possible predators. To prevent this potentially dangerous situation, the Daniels simply blocked the Snapchat app using TeenSafe Control.

Preventing Texting and Driving

In addition to blocking apps, TeenSafe Control also gives parents the power to “freeze” their child’s phone for a certain period of time. While the device is frozen, it can only be used to make and receive calls. The Daniels used this feature to freeze their daughters’ phones every time they got behind the wheel. By doing this, the parents were able to prevent their daughters from texting while driving.

As you can see, using this app gives parents the power they need to protect their children from making bad decisions with their smartphones. If you’re curious about TeenSafe Control, you can find more information Here.

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