Teensafe On CBS Los Angeles

The CBS affiliate from the City of Angels recently released an interview during their Family Safety Week segment and offered the Teensafe app as a way to protect our kids from technology. On day three, they presented a story on “Protecting Teens From Cyberbullying” with FAB Mom and parenting lifestyle expert, Jill Simonian.

Specifically, the duo discussed sexting and cyberbullying when it comes to interactions that some of our children could be having when using some of today’s technology that puts them in extreme danger. Specifically, Simonian pointed to a study a few years ago that revealed around half of adolescents are sexting. But Jill dove into to these statistics and found that:

  • These numbers came from research done on just 35 kids in London
  • Another study from MTV found that one in three kids aged 14 to 24 were sending sexually explicit materials on their devices
  • Further research revealed the numbers were closer to 3-7% of those aged 13-17 years old engaging in this dangerous online behaviors

No matter whose numbers you’d like to embrace or believe, these statistics are still alarming. More research claims that around one-third of teens are reporting they’ve been sexually harassed, been bullied or sent explicit messages on the internet.

Fighting Apps With Apps

A great deal of these troubling types of behaviors are coming from interactions inside anonymous apps like Kik and Yik Yak, not to mention the millions of websites and thousands of social media apps that are available to our kids online. To battle this type onslaught on the internet, what’s a parent to do? In Jill’s search for a solution, she shares the remarkable tools that are found on the Teensafe app.

Simonian suggests parents should protect their children by installing the Teensafe app on their desktop or mobile device which will give them the ability to monitor all the handheld devices their children are currently using. She points out this application was invented by a parent whose own child was a victim of online abuse and lets them view:

  • Texts sent, received and even those that have been deleted
  • Photos circulated in the same fashion
  • Their kid’s location in real time or discover where they have been in the past with GPS

Keep in mind that CBS, Simonian, Teensafe and everyone else involved in this dangerous  dilemma are reminding us as parents to do our best to keep the doors of communication open with today’s teens and technology. Education and awareness are our best weapons when it comes to threats from the internet when it comes to our children’s safety.

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