TeenSafe Featured During Teen Driving Safety Week

TeenSafe’s focus on Teen Driving Safety Week has drawn attention from media across the country including Health Day. The problem of texting and driving is so prevalent that it seems every family has a story. And not all of them end happily. Each year, thousands of people are killed by accidents related to distracted driving and hundreds of thousands are injured.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, “teens were the largest age group reported as distracted at the time of fatal crashes.”  Our goal through our content during Teen Driving Safety Week was not just about raising awareness regarding these troubling statistics…but to help change them for the better.

TeenSafe on Fox 35

Parents may be the biggest motivators behind their child’s behaviors. Teens learn from watching their parents, so teach kids by example…and put down your devices while driving. All teen drivers must understand the rules of the road when it comes to cell phone use. Most states have responded to the growing (and troubling) statistics of distracted driving by ramping up punishments for using phones behind the wheel. Reprimands may include a fine when caught…or worse.

However, the greatest risk of any distraction is the risk of a life. One glimpse down at a text, taking a photo or turning to look at a friend may mean the split second that elicits a fatal crash. Open the lines of communication with your teen about the importance of remaining focused, following the rules of the road and keeping a cell phone at a safe distance that won’t lure them into interacting while driving.

No one should be a fatal statistic, and teens shouldn’t be distracted by their devices or their friends when behind the wheel. A text isn’t worth the risk; while Teen Driving Safety Week has concluded, we hope that the mission to keep all drivers safe continues every day.

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