TeenSafe on The New York Post

In a recent article on the New York Post’s website, they tackled the tough topic of whether or not it is appropriate for parents to be cyber-spying on their children. While teens may spout the importance of protecting their right to privacy, there are many reason why monitoring a kids’ internet activity in today’s society should be considered good parenting, and not snooping.

Just the same as kids are using online applications to connect with their friends online, parents can also use some apps to track and monitor their children’s internet activity. In the New York Post piece entitled, “Is It Ever Okay For Parents To Cyber-Spy On Their Kids,” mostly the answer is yes, and point to TeenSafe as one of the best options available.

Past Versus Present

Think of it this way, back in the days before the advent of smartphones and the internet, many parents wouldn’t allow their children to “hang out” with other kids unless they had met them face-to-face first. With social media networking sites like Facebook, the dangers are many, the amount of friends sometimes unimaginable and parents should have the right to see who their kids are having a relationship with … even if it is a virtual one.

Also in the pre-online era, parents would require their children to let them know their exact whereabouts at all times, often checking up with them via a telephone call on a landline. In today’s technological age, this would be the equivalent of tracking a child using a GPS device. The methods may have changed, but the outcome and end results are still the same.

As a matter of fact, the New York Post cites a TeenSafe member, as wanting parents to be open with their kids about the fact that they’re being monitored online. Another piece of advice, although not touted in the article, consider the “grandma rule.” Tell your children they should never post or share anything online they wouldn’t want their grandmother to see. To read the article in it’s entirety, visit the NYP website here.

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