TeenSafe on New10NBC

TeenSafe was recently mentioned on the New10NBC website in an article entitled “After Whisper arrest, sheriff tells parents to lock down kid’s phones.” The article discusses the recent arrest of a man in Webster, New York who is accused of attempting to lure a minor using the Whisper app. The arrest prompted Livingston County Sheriff Tom Dougherty to advise parents to monitor their kids’ digital activity using an app like TeenSafe. This is a controversial topic among parents—many strongly support the idea of monitoring kids, while others strongly oppose it. But according to the experts quoted in this article, monitoring is a must. Here’s why:

Maturity Levels

Kids’ brains have not fully developed, which means they may lack the reasoning and judgment skills needed to think about all of the potential consequences of their actions. For example, kids don’t understand that sharing their private information with someone they meet on an app could put them in danger. For this reason, it’s important for parents to monitor their kids’ online activity so they can prevent them from making any potentially dangerous mistakes.

Lack of Safety Features

Many of the apps that kids use today don’t have safety features in place to protect them. The apps that do have various privacy settings don’t instruct users on how to activate them to protect themselves from predators. That’s why it’s up to parents to educate themselves so they know how to keep their kids safe. As a parent, it’s your duty to use monitoring tools such as TeenSafe to find out what apps your kids are using, then learn about the different ways kids can protect themselves on these apps.

Initiates Conversation

The experts quoted in this article suggest talking to your kids about monitoring prior to doing it. This gives you an opportunity to start a conversation about the dangers lurking in the digital world, which is a topic that doesn’t get enough attention at home. Tell your kids that you will be using TeenSafe, but explain that it’s not so you can spy on them, but rather so you can keep them safe.

Unfortunately, this is not the first time that we’ve heard about a predator trying to lure a minor using a popular app. The digital world can be a dangerous place, but parents can keep their kids safe with a little help from TeenSafe.

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