Teensafe on The View

Popular daytime talkshow, “The View,” has never shied away from controversial topics and sexting is certainly no different. In the beginning of a segment called, “Is Sexting The New First Base?” panelist Rosie Perez shared a statistic that points to the fact that 40% of all teenagers have posted, or sent, sexually explicit messages. 

Perez laments her concerns over the possibility of these images going viral and reaches out to her fellow panelist, Rosie O’Donnell, who is the mother of teenagers, for some advice and advice. O’Donnell shares she uses the TeenSafe tool to track her adolescents’ online behaviors.

A Parent of Teenagers

“You can literally get everyplace they’ve been on Facebook,” explains O’Donnell and she tells her children, “Here are your Iphones and I am watching you.” Nowadays, it’s not about “snooping” into  your children’s lives, it about monitoring risky online behaviors.

Before the advent of smartphones and the internet, parents would meet their children’s friends face-to-face, so it’s only natural they would want to see their “friends” on places like Facebook. Since we wouldn’t want our children to have contact with strangers in the real world, we certainly don’t want them connecting with them online.

Perhaps you’ll agree with Whoopi Goldberg’s response as a parent, “I’m not here to be your friend … do what I told you to do … because I told you to do it.” With the TeenSafe app, you can ensure this is what’s happening with your child. Watch the segment below:

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