Teensafe On The Today Show

The popular, daily, morning televised Today series, along with it’s accompanying platform on board the internet, recently released a story about how “These 3 Apps Can Help You Monitor Your Teen’s Activities Online.” This mainstream NBC affiliate highlighted the use of the Teensafe application as an important protector of our youth using today’s technology. They specifically refer to the use of the Teensafe application as one of “the most advanced of all” that’s available.

Today show commentators Jeff Rossen and Lindsey Bomnin were both quick to recognize the many difficulties parents are having attempting to keep up with their kids, especially given all of today’s modern technology. It’s so challenging for these guardians to know exactly what’s happening during their children’s daily digital lives and often these children are being led down dangerous paths on the internet.

Scary Statistics

Teensafe is holding firm on their ultimate mission to help parents protect their kids from becoming another victim and one of the many egregious statistics that are associated with children and the internet. Cyberbullying is one of the biggests problems that our youth are currently facing and parents are trying to cope with the aftermath when it comes to using most of today’s technology. These numbers are overwhelming when you consider:

  • Near 90% of children have witnessed cyberbullying while using the internet.
  • Almost a quarter of our kids don’t know what to do if they are a victim of online bullying.
  • A startling 15% of today’s children admit to being cyberbullies themselves.
  • At least 39% of kids don’t enable privacy settings on their online platforms, potentially exposing them to further abuse.

These are among the many reasons why parents need to be more vigilant when it comes to monitoring their children’s online behaviors. Long gone are the days when our children’s friends appeared regularly inside our homes. It’s been decades since telephone conversations were held on common ground, like an ancient, rotary device anchored to a kitchen wall. But what can a parent do to protect their kids from dozens, hundreds, thousands or even millions of possible threats found on the internet?

The answer to these types of puzzling questions about how to better protect our children from these multitude of online threats is to start using the Teensafe app to monitor their activities on the internet. Parents should also do their very best to open up a dialogue, no matter how difficult, with their kids about what’s happening with their daily, digital lives. Together we can make a difference in how technology ultimately affects our children.

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