TeenSafe on the TODAY Show

How do you keep your kids safe when they are glued to their phones? That’s the question at the top of the latest TODAY Show segment on cyber security and family safety. An in-depth report by the TODAY Show investigative unit “Rossen Reports” took a look at some of the best apps on the market that help parents monitor and protect their kids — and includes TeenSafe as “the most advanced of them all”!

Protecting Your Kids

Today’s teenagers are able to lead double-lives — one life in the real world, at home and at school, with friends and family. They’re also living out another, secret life on their smartphones, with… who? Do you know who your child is talking to? What websites they’re visiting, or what they’re watching or reading?

With apps like TeenSafe, the secret is revealed. TeenSafe helps parents keep track of their child’s…

  • Texts (including deleted texts)
  • Web history
  • Phone calls
  • Exact GPS location

… and even block activity on their child’s phone, instantly.

For any parent who has a teen that drives: “It’s a nightmare,” says mom Fabiana Totoli. When presented with TeenSafe’s ability to pinpoint her teenage son’s exact location and block his phone so that he can’t text and drive, she says,“That’s awesome… For any parent, I think it’s fantastic.  Absolutely [I would use this].”

To see more about TeenSafe on the TODAY show,  watch the video or check out our YouTube YouTube channel here.

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