usa today texting and driving

TeenSafe on USA Today

USA Today has long been a source for important everyday advice, along with relevant news information for their audience and their recent report on “Tech Upgrades The Personal Panic Button,” is certainly no different. In this segment, they highlight many newer apps that are available to assist with today’s technology when it comes to our personal safety.

They point to the Teensafe app as a practical solution for parents who are struggling to monitor their children’s online activities and behaviors that could be problematic. Specifically, USA is reminding people about the many dangers and hazards that are associated with texting while driving, a growing problem in our country and also around the world.

Putting A Pause On The Problem

Among the many features available on the Teensafe app is the ability to pause real-time activity, texting, posting on social media platforms, making and receiving calls that puts parents back in control. For young drivers, or even students who should be cramming for SAT’s instead of socializing online, this ability can drastically change their future and stop them from surfing instead of studying.

Parents can also use Teensafe features to monitor their children’s online activities, what they’re doing on Facebook, Instagram and other popular social platforms. The tool also allows parents to view phone logs, text messages and emails, even those that have been deleted.

Location, Location, Location

Although there’s another app listed that gives parents the ability to find their kids location through the GPS device on their smartphone, Teensafe has the same ability and comes with so many other valuable features. If parents are going to use an application to monitor and locate their children, they should choose one that covers a multitude of different features, like the Teensafe app, so they don’t have to use multiple methods to protect their kids.

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