phone etiquette for kids

Smartphone Etiquette Guide For Kids on WEEKENDS

Middle school and high school life doesn’t seem to be complete today without a smartphone. Texting, games, social media apps and of course a camera to snap the perfect selfie all act as touch-screen temptations during free time. Parents attempting a conversation with their teens and tweens find that they often compete for their child’s […]

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addicted to selfies

Signs Your Child Might Be Addicted to Selfies

Snapping a flawless and flattering selfie is an art form. Broadcast throughout social media channels, teens, tweens, and adults alike pose themselves to create the image of perfection—a portrait worthy of Instagram notoriety. No longer are pictures worth a 1000 words. In today’s social-media dominant world, the worth of a photo—especially a selfie—is judged by […]

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teenage cell phone addiction

The Truth about Smartphone Addiction in Teens

Although you may have had your suspicions, some parents’ fears have now been confirmed through a new study that shows teens are addicted to their smartphones. Common Sense Media conducted a poll amongst teens to determine how much they were actively using their smartphones. To collect information, Common Sense Media interviewed 1,240 parents and their […]

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