school iphone

iPhone Monitoring for Kids In Elementary School

Most children get their first smartphone as they are entering their teenage years, around 12 years old. However, more and more kids are getting mobile devices much younger than that. If you’ve purchased a smartphone for your younger child, or are considering doing so, then today’s discussion is for you! What To Allow The basic […]

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is owning a cell phone a big responsibility

The Adult Responsibility of Children Owning Smartphones: A Conversation with Author Vicki Hoefle

As much as we talk about the importance of monitoring our children’s technology, we know that at the end of the day, monitoring is simply just another powerful tool in the arsenal of parenting methods. And, as with most things, with great power, comes great responsibility. When it comes to successfully raising a child in […]

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smartphone addiction effects

How does smartphone addiction effect teen health?

We often joke our children are inseparable from their cell phones, but smartphone addiction has become a serious issue facing our teens. When we think of “addictions,” we often assume it’s something bad or illegal, like alcoholism or drug abuse, but the fact is people can become addicted to a wide array of things, including […]

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is privacy a right or a privilege

Smartphones for Teens: A Right or a Privilege?

It seems like every teen has a smartphone in their pocket. Whether they’re Snapchatting selfies, googling answers to homework, or planning a get-together with friends, they’ve become an integral part of day-to-day life. According to the United Nations, access to the internet is a fundamental right for adults. But for teens, when it comes to […]

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teen cell phone contract

Creating an Acceptable Smartphone Contract

Just like the rules you set for your child to keep their room clean, get along with their sibling, what to do when staying home alone, etc., rules must also be set on smartphone use. Kids are used to rules. They’re everywhere. They may not like them, but they know there are consequences for not […]

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