How to Talk to Your Teen About iPhone Monitoring Software

According to recent statistics: On average, teens spend 5 hours and 38 minutes online every day More than half of teens have witnessed cyberbullying on social media. Out of over 1300 teens surveyed, 18% have considered meeting with someone in person whom they first met online. Of these, 58% have actually met up with someone […]

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smartphone for parents

Smart Smartphone Use for Parents

Are your children learning bad behaviors about smartphone use from you? A study conducted by Dr. Jenny Radesky suggests that yes, smartphone use by parents could be influencing behaviors and stopping your child from getting the interaction they need. Here are some guidelines for staying smart about smartphone use. Leading By Example Children learn by […]

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teenage cell phone addiction

Is Your Teen A Smartphone Addict?

How long could you go without checking your Smartphone? How about your teen? On any given day you will notice people so engrossed with their phones that they are missing the world around them. If you have teens, chances are you witness this phenomena on a daily basis. There might be times that leave you […]

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