social media and college admissions

Social Media and College Admissions: How Your Child’s Social Profiles Can Make an Impact

College admissions once depended on test scores, grades, extracurricular activities…and maybe a personal essay. While those top prerequisites to entry still exist, there is one detail that may help—or hinder—if a student makes the cut. Social media. That’s right. Social media and college admissions are more closely linked than you might realize. That’s why parents […]

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youtube stars

The 5 Worst Youtube Stars Who Are Teaching Bad Behavior to Tweens

YouTube stars are influencers and range from gamers to beauty enthusiasts. These virtual stars hold a loyal following…and many of their subscribers may be teens and tweens. While popular YouTube stars often engage in positive and fun content—like make-up tutorials or even gaming advice—some of these popular YouTubers may be problematic for younger viewers. YouTube […]

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pros and cons of instagram for parents

Pros and Cons of Instagram for Preteens

Preteens are among the most frequent and dedicated social media users.  Whether it’s FaceBook, YouTube, Twitter, SnapChat, Instagram, or any of the other numerous social media channels, preteens are using them at a high frequency and putting themselves at risk for potential online dangers. There are countless stories of children being viciously cyberbullied and the […]

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is tumblr safe

Is Tumblr Safe For Early Teens?

Many teenagers have made themselves at home using Tumblr.  For entrepreneuring users, Tumblr is a powerful publishing platform that can be a used to get their name out and even capitalize on business opportunities. For others, it’s a place for teens to discover, share, or even create content about the things they love most. Tumblr […]

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