is tumblr safe

Is Tumblr Safe For Early Teens?

Many teenagers have made themselves at home using Tumblr.  For entrepreneuring users, Tumblr is a powerful publishing platform that can be a used to get their name out and even capitalize on business opportunities. For others, it’s a place for teens to discover, share, or even create content about the things they love most. Tumblr […]

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why are social media challenges so popular

Why Are Social Media Challenges So Popular With Teens?

You’ve heard of them… The Ice Bucket Challenge, The Mannequin Challenge, The Don’t Judge Me/Ugly Challenge, and the now infamous Harlem Shake Challenge. These popular and perpetual “challenges” bombard us on social media daily. The list is endless and our kids are obsessed with each one. Why?  What about these scenarios causes them to gain […]

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pokemon 101 for parents

What Schools (And Parents) Should Do To Prepare for Pokemon Go Next Semester

Students heading back to school are packing a little something extra amongst their classroom supplies—Pokemon. The smash summer game Pokemon Go accrued more than 40 million downloads so far and has been insanely popular among teens and young adults.  Catching Pokemon, however, is not without pitfalls. Players have become so focused on spotting and capturing […]

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colleges using social media for admissions

How Your Child’s Social Media Can Help With College Admissions

By Mary Fetzer When you applied for college, you might not have had to worry about personalizing a generic multi-school application, and you probably didn’t face scrutiny of your online activities or get asked questions about even minor brushes with the law. But admissions offices around the country are now using standardized applications and combing […]

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