Everything a Parent Needs to Know About ASK.FM

In August of 2013 a 14-year-old girl in Britain, Hannah Smith, committed suicide after receiving abusive messages on a smartphone app. In response, British Prime Minister David Cameron said that parents and teens should boycott apps and websites that have fostered cyberbullying, while a campaign group known as Beatbullying asked the developers of this app […]

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is tumblr safe

Everything a Parent Needs to Know About TUMBLR

Tumblr is a collection of contemporary culture, a piece of the cultural zeitgeist. Users can follow blogs from celebrities, politicians, athletes, and fashion designers.An excellent platform for artists and musicians looking to connect with their fans, Tumblr has become one of the most popular apps and websites for young people. What parents may not know […]

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what is yik yak

Everything a Parent Needs to Know About YIK YAK

In 2015, a 17-year-old high school student in Atlanta, Georgia, named Melissa Long attempted to commit suicide while going through a difficult time in her life. Luckily, she recovered. When she returned to school, however, she became the target of a relentless bullying campaign on an online app that allows users to post anything they […]

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