is instagram safe for kids

Everything a Parent Needs to Know About INSTAGRAM

Instagram currently reigns as one of the most popular app and fastest-growing apps among teens and adults alike. For that reason alone it’s important for parents to know what Instagram is all about. But many parents assume that Instagram is just about sharing pictures; that because it’s interface is so simple, it’s also harmless. That […]

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how to protect kids on kik

Everything a Parent Needs to Know About KIK

In July 2015, a 14-year-old girl named Hayleigh Wilson stole her father’s car from her family’s home in Surgoinsville, Virginia, and picked up a man she had been chatting with online through a mobile messaging app. The man was a 41-year-old convicted sex offender and ex convict named Ben Shook. The messaging app he used […]

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to be social

The Pressure to Be Social

Essena O’Neill gained international attention on November 2015 when she announced on Youtube and Instagram that she was quitting social media. An “Instagram Star” and only eighteen years old, Essena O’Neill had about half a million followers on Instagram and hundreds of thousands of subscribers on Youtube. But the pressures to constantly post content, maintain […]

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tinder moms review

Everything A Parent Needs to Know About Tinder

It’s a parent’s worst nightmare: finding out your child has made online contact with strangers posing as teenagers, has met those strangers in real life, and now your child has been sexually assaulted. No one wants to think this can happen to their own child, but that’s exactly what happened to three young teens who […]

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