are kids growing up too fast

Is Social Media Making Our Kids Grow Up Faster?

Kids are kids… right? Believe it or not, evidence is mounting to suggest that this simple statement may not be as true as you’d think. The Adult World of Social Media No, we’re not talking about “adults only” content – though there’s still plenty of that on social media. Rather, the simple truth is that […]

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kik parental conrols

Spotlight on Popular Teen Apps: KiK Messenger

Experts and educators are always wagging their fingers warning us to be aware of our sons’ and daughters’ digital habits. Unfortunately, they often fail to tell us how specific apps and sites actually work. Today, we are going to delve into the inner workings of Kik, a popular app that many of our teens use […]

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parents shaming kids on social media

Should Parents Shame Teens on Social Media?

Would you “shame” your child on social media? A recent viral video of a Denver mother chastising her thirteen year old daughter over bad behavior on Facebook has been circulating on the news, radio morning talk shows, and, of course, social media. Valerie Starks, the mother, filmed her young daughter confessing to posing in lacy […]

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social media privacy settings

How to Manage Privacy Settings on Social Media

Every social network has its own privacy settings. This guide will help you manage the settings on several of the most popular sites that your teen may be using. Facebook Facebook is notorious for changing its privacy settings and making it difficult to keep your information from being used by third-parties. Your Privacy Settings can […]

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