facebook bullying facts

7 Facts About Bullying Facebook Doesn’t Want You to Know

Last September, tragedy struck in Lakeland, Florida when twelve-year-old Rebecca Sedwick jumped to her death after being bullied on Facebook by two other pre-teens. After her suicide, one of her tormentors took to the same platform to brag about the harassment. Rebecca’s fourteen-year-old aggressor posted a status (complete with spelling mistakes and acronyms) saying: “Yes, […]

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online etiquette for teens

Proper Parental Etiquette on Social Media

  “Mom, that’s so embarrassing! I can’t believe you posted that cheesy message on my profile picture!”   Scenario sound familiar? Social media is a relatively new phenomenon, and for many parents, it’s hard to determine proper etiquette. How often is it okay to participate in your child’s online interactions? Do you intervene at signs of […]

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