when to introduce your child to a smartphone or tablet

When Should I Buy My Child A Smartphone?

The majority of children born today will have access to mobile smart devices early on in their lives. Parents are constantly questioning how young is too young? When should I buy my child a smartphone or tablet? With digital devices being a relatively new introduction into our day-to-day lives, it’s hard to tell how they […]

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teenage cell phone addiction

Is Your Teen A Smartphone Addict?

How long could you go without checking your Smartphone? How about your teen? On any given day you will notice people so engrossed with their phones that they are missing the world around them. If you have teens, chances are you witness this phenomena on a daily basis. There might be times that leave you […]

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6 Signs Your Teen is a Smartphone Addict

Worried your teen might be a smartphone addict?  Here are a few symptoms to watch out for! Separation from family and friends Trouble keeping healthy sleeping hours Anxiety whenever the phone is taken away Weight Loss Reports of “phantom vibrations” Texting at inappropriate times (dinner, social gatherings, etc.) Get control of your teen’s technology usage. […]

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