social media safety statistics

Teen Safety in the News: The Statistics

Knowledge is the key to understanding, which is why we’ve always looked thoroughly into the latest studies and research to bring you up-to-date information about the world of teens in the digital age. It’s not easy; as any professional will tell you, the digital landscape is advancing so quickly that researchers can barely keep up, […]

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when to introduce your child to a smartphone or tablet

When Should I Buy My Child A Smartphone?

The majority of children born today will have access to mobile smart devices early on in their lives. Parents are constantly questioning how young is too young? When should I buy my child a smartphone or tablet? With digital devices being a relatively new introduction into our day-to-day lives, it’s hard to tell how they […]

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parenting guide

The TeenSafe Parenting Guide to Tech Safety

What if we told you that modern technology has made it easier than ever for us to know what our kids are up to and keep them safe?  This exclusive infographic illustrates that, while the threats of the digital world are real, they’re no match for an equipped parent. TeenSafe brings protective parents and smartphone tech together to safeguard what we […]

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