the teenage psyche

Journey to the Center of the Teenage Psyche

Researchers and educators have been lecturing about the importance of early childhood education for years. It’s common knowledge that a child’s brain is undergoing rapid growth and development during the toddler years. To maximize this period of brain development, society has implemented a wide array of educational activities and specialized programming for the young children […]

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teenage brain function

The Teenage Brain and How It (Dys)functions

If you’ve been wondering lately whether your teenagers might really be an alien species, don’t worry–there’s actually a scientific reason for it. The teenage brain is wired a little differently, making adolescents more susceptible to impulsive behavior, and less apt to respond rationally to emotional crises. To keep conflict between yourself and your teenagers at […]

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effects of bullying on children

The Effects of Bullying on a Child’s Development

While bullying may have long been accepted as an inevitable trial of the playground, the long-term effects of bullying have remained relatively unknown to the scientific community.  However, a study published in the American Journal of Psychiatry that tracked 7,700 British children throughout their lives finds that bullying can continue to affect an individual well into […]

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